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    Red Hat was started May 10th, 1972 and is still lead by the same person. Estimates, job site control, and billing information by our fine group of supervisors with the support of our office staff.

    Our staff always presents a 'clean-cut' professional appearance that should leave any of your family or staff feeling very comfortable with their presence.

Head Office Location:
560 SW 'B' Ave., Corvallis, Oregon 97333

Phone Numbers 541-753-2902
Fax 541-758-4165, Toll Free 1-800-854-1680

  • Original Oregon builder's number 2904 (prior to incorporation)

  • Licenses presently carried:

    • Oregon builders - changed upon incorporation to 51910
      ((Presently they are issuing numbers in the 164,000 series))

    • Washington builders - REDHAC1061J7

    • Oregon boiler - B99-2350

    • Oregon plumbing - 2-40PB

    • Oregon septic installers - 31076

    • Current Welding Certifications

  • Present active working areas with telephone numbers:

    • Corvallis 541-753-2902

    • Albany 541-928-1886

    • Salem 503-588-1750

    • Waldport/Newport 541-563-3653

    • Eugene 541-484-4112

    • Out Of Area 1-800-854-1680

    Please do not be mislead by the multiple phone numbers, we are actually a small, very personable group (approximately 20) who have learned to put small groups of (1-5) people at different locations with the ability to ship in extra help for portions of jobs that require more help for brief periods of time.

    We are more like the “old school” construction firms in that we do the vast majority of the jobsite work with our own employees. We are not “contractors-by-telephone” – these contractors spend their time collecting subcontractor bids for almost every facet of a job, and then present a crew on the job who are a collection of people more concerned with their own individual self-interests than in a well-planned and executed project for you.

    Our people realize that we can provide a much better environment to do projects well because everyone here is accountable to one group as a whole, long term.