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Types Of Work We Do!


(For Owners Only)

  1. Design: with over 30 years of finding out what works and what doesn't

  2. Concrete: walls, steps, flatwork, patterned/colored, structural, specialty

  3. Framing: all types, hip & multi-pitch roofs, gluelam/composite component steel/wood combination, shearwalls, light gauge steel - both bearing and non-bearing.

  4. Finish: all types, with the ability to manufacture our own moldings and trim to match existing or create something totally unique.

  5. Sidings: all types, wood, vinyl, aluminium, steel, composite.

  6. Specialty roofings: standing seam steel, tile, aluminium, walking decks

  7. Waterproofings: underground, above ground, combination roof systems for wood concrete, and steel.

  8. Drainage systems: underhouse/slab, basement, curtain, and roof.

  9. Dryrot and insect damaged structural member replacement EMERGENCY WORK.

  10. Permit acquisition for: standard work areas, flood planes, small lots, variances, agricultural use, accessory structures, heavily covented neighborhoods, and septic systems.

  11. Customer participation programs - we will get you started, provide technical assistance as you go, and be there to help you make the correct decisions to completion and yet let you save by doing your own work and parts of the work which you would normally pay a contractor for.



  1. Design and permit acquisition for all era structures (we very much enjoy the challenge of “change of use” projects).

  2. Variance applications and coordination

  3. Concrete work: walls, flatwork, steps, handicapped, patterned/colored, structural, specialty commercial hood exhausts, specialty roof systems, hand cut roof systems, old building tie-ins and restructures.

  4. Finish: all types, store fixture installations, specialty woods, commercial and handicapped hardware, specialty work areas/stations, front entries and store front refurbishes, historical trim matching.

  5. Specialty roofings: standing seam steel, tile, aluminum, and walking decks.

  6. Waterproofings: underground, above ground, combination systems for wood concrete and steel.

  7. Drainage systems: underslab, basement, curtain, and roof.

  8. Dryrot and insect damaged structural member replacement EMERGENCY WORK.

  9. Customer participation programs - you may hire us to get started and then take over the finishing yourself.

  10. Commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and storefronts - all to present-day codes.

  11. Large timber/glulam beam/structural steel repair & replacement.